What are snapcaps and why might I want some for use with my firearm?

You might be asking “What are snapcaps and why might I want some for use with my firearm?” The answer is “for increased safety”.

Snapcaps are dimensionally identical copies of the ammunition a firearms uses but are functionally inert. They lack a primer, propellant, and a bullet.

Unlike a blank round which still goes BANG, a snapcap doesn’t do anything except allow for practice loading, unloading, handling, and trigger pulling without the risk of accidental discharge or damage to the gun.

A snapcap won’t cycle the action on a semi automatic because it doesn’t produce any recoil.

You would need to purchase snapcaps that match the size and type of ammunition for any firearm you wish to use them with.

There are snapcaps made of metal and also of plastic.

A key to developing confidence and competence with firearms handling is repetition. The use of snap caps helps you reduce the risks while practicing loading and unloading, drawing, or other manipulation of a weapon.

Some guns can be damaged by dry firing, which is letting the hammer drop when no round is chambered. Snap caps provide something for the hammer to strike and reduce the likelihood of things breaking. Snapcaps are able to be used over and over again.

Manno Fireams offers a variety of snap caps. If the particular one you want is out of stock, please use our back in stock notification system to email you a notice when we have them again.