Sig P320 XFive Legion

One of the nice benefits of being a firearms dealer and FFL is getting to see a wide variety of firearms. As we process them we get to handle them and become a bit more familiar with time. We get to know what’s common, uncommon, what has a better feel, balance, what’s too big for our hand, what is too small. I remember many years ago, before I was a dealer, buying a Walter TPH. From the pictures it looked nice, it was small, just the right size to carry. Like many, I went to my local store, bought it and went right to the range. After admiring it a bit I raised it, aimed and shot. Heck of a shot too… I found out after a few minutes that I did in fact make a fabulous shot on target but the more immediate thing I paid attention to was the gash in the skin between my thumb and finger. Turns out that the gun was too easy to choke up on and the slide bit me as it came back. I remember thinking “I wish I had time to handle more of these before making a buying decision“. The Walther is still in my collection but rarely shot. Now, because I do get to handle more firearms, and because I’m much more informed, I am making buying decisions that I’m very happy with. That’s all a prelude to say I’m now an owner of yet another Sig, this time the Legion P320 XFive.

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This isn’t my first Legion, I have a few. My P229 is my first choice and I recommend it highly. The size, weight, look and feel all work for me. At the range, I wanted something a bit bigger so I checked out the Sig P320 XFive Legion and wow, it also feels damn good. It’s a bigger gun so not one I’d want to carry, but its a great look and feel and one that I’ve come to enjoy at the range. Chambered in 9mm, the XFive is a heavier gun by design. The added weight really reduces muzzle rise and keeps the target well in sight. Sig wanted to keep the great feel of polymer guns, which have an interesting ‘flex’ to them but wanted to address the typical lighter weight that polymers bring as compared to steel. Their answer was to infuse the polymer with tungsten making it super strong, heavier, yet retain the flex. The result is very nice and very fun to shoot. The design reduces muzzle flip by as much as 50% allowing faster and more consistent double-taps. If you’re double tapping you’re also reloading so the Legion XFive comes with three mags, capacity may vary based on your state but each have the Legion emblem in the baseplate. The trigger is also worked and has a lighter pull weight then previous versions. I’ve read reviews about people saying the trigger could be better but I’ve actually found it to be very well designed and breaks are clean. A few other nice features are the Dawson Precision fiber optic adjustable sights and the flared mag well making quick loads repeatable and easy. The gun uses a 1911-style recoil spring and comes with two, a 14 pound spring installed and a 12 pound spring in the box. I’ve not found a need or reason to change the spring but it’s done in about 3 seconds.

For mine, I decided to add a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. It’s a genuinely nice red dot, 2.5MOA (at 100yds) with multiple brightness levels as well as a shake-to-wake and topside battery that is quick and easy to replace without taking the site off the gun. The click adjustments make positive response when compensating elevation and wind adjustments. I’m still getting a bit used to the red dot as it’s a second focal plane but it’s really quite a great field of view with super fast acquisition . It’s also made to work perfectly with the Legion P320 so installation took all of 5 minutes. I picked up the optional rear iron site which is specifically made for the DeltaPoint Pro so I can co-witness should my battery die. Not a major need or concern but what the heck. The unit also comes with a cover made to work with the rear iron site too, a nice touch.

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While I picked up a few other accessories one I’d note is the Comp-Tac P320 Series holster. I’m really quite pleased with it. I put the paddle option on mine and it works great. Easy to holster the gun, super quick to draw, light and comfortable. They make these to work with rail lights too. It’s precut and designed for the red dot so the moment it came in the mail I was able to slip the gun in and it was perfect. While it has tension adjustments, I found it to be just right out of the box.

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Back to the XFive, there is one thing that I will share with you which I have seen with other P320’s. Specifically, the slide when new doesn’t always seat fully back in battery when you manually rack it. If you rack it back and release the momentum will always return it to seated battery but if you ride the side it hangs up about 1/2” away from where it should seat. I did a lot of reading and some comments say poor quality control. Some talk about it being pretensioned by design. Others say they sent it to Sig to get polished. For me, I’ve seen this before and know it was simply a matter of break-in. So as I sipped a glass of ice water and watched the news of the evening, I quietly and repeatedly racked the slide back and forth. After about 100 racks it still hung but I had to intentionally make it hang. After about 150 it stopped hanging up but I could still feel a rub spot. After about 200 racks, it was smooth as butter and I hadn’t even fired my first shot. By the way, this wasn’t a situation of “did you try lube”… it wasn’t a lubrication issue I assure you. It was a break in issue… and now it’s just great!

Back to the benefits of being a dealer & FFL, I get to handle a wide variety of firearms and then buy what I really like. While I have a good mix of manufacturers, I have just about every Sig and I’m happy with each one. The Sig P320 XFive Legion is a nice addition and one that I expect to be doing a lot of shooting with. Great look, feel, accuracy make it a great option for many.

Drop us a message if you pick one up. We’d love to hear your thoughts!