Don’t forget the accessories!

Many of you are buying new firearms, some for the first time.  Congratulations on being a supporter of the 2nd Amendment!   You’ll likely need some accessories to go with your new firearm…  hearing protection, cases, targets, sights and scopes to name a few.   Check out our extensive catalog of accessories using the ‘Shop’ link in the top menu.  These items will directly ship TO YOU and many have been discounted to save you money!  Get the most from your investment with the right accessories!

*This isn’t a walk-up storefront business.  We are an online business and can drop ship a wide variety of shorting, hunting, and sporting accessories directly to you.   All firearms and serialized firearm parts can be sent to an FFL/Dealer of your choice for pickup and background check.  

     STOP and READ         To receive firearms and serialized firearm parts such as receivers, you will need to identify an FLL/Dealer near you.  When placing your order we will ask you for this information so we can arrange shipment of your items directly to the receiving FFL/Dealer from our warehouse.    All accessories will ship directly to you.

**We do NOT sell or transfer ammunition.,

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*Note – Know your local laws. Some states or cities prohibit certain firearms, firearm accessories, and knives. Be informed and know your local laws before you buy. Stay safe, stay legal!

New York Buyer’s – If you are unfamiliar with the NY SAFE Act, I strongly recommend you read about it.   NY prohibits ‘assault rifles’.    

Here is some of the verbiage from the NY SAFE Act:
An ”assault rile “is any semi-auto rifle with a removable mag and any 1 (or more) of the following features:
– Flash Hider/Brake/Compensator
– Threaded Barrel
– Folding or telescoping stock
– Pistol grip
– Thumbhole stock
– 2nd Grip
– Bayonet and or bayonet mount
We will NOT transfer any firearm that is not in compliance with the NY SAFE Act. 

Prices shown in the shop DO NOT include shipping.