She Trains You

Training is an important part of responsible gun ownership and if you are looking for resources concerning that in this area, we’d like to bring She Trains You, Inc. to your attention.


She Trains You, Inc. is a female focused firearms and self defense training company that provides empowerment, education, hands-on training, and a safe environment to ensure every woman will be confident, self reliant, and proficient with any situation they may come across.

We met Lisa Ludwig, the owner of STYinc, a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, and martial artist and immediate thought about all of our customers who are first time firearm purchasers and also those who ask us about training resources in the area. She is the founder, and President of the nonprofit, women only, organization, Long Island Women’s Firearm Club, Inc.

If you are interested in the Basics Of Firearm Safety, ​Dry Fire Training, and/or Home Defense Training you should contact her today.