September Sale

We’ve placed some items on extra discounted prices through the end of the month while supplies last and they are shown as On Sale in our catalog. Here’s how to find them and the other products we sell.

Use our Advanced Product Search page to find what you are looking for or to just see the items that we currently have on sale. Here’s a picture of what it looks like when you go to it.

Manno Firearms Advanced Product Search
This is a picture of the Advanced Product Search page. Clicking here won’t do anything, use the link above to go there.

See that check box next to the On Sale label above? Just check it and it will show you every item we have placed on Sale below our regular discounted prices. That’s all you have to do, and give it a couple seconds to sort and load.

If you want to search all of the products in our catalog, leave that box unchecked.

If you want to filter by Brand name, Product Catagory, or Price you can do that too.

The Search box at the top is where you can enter a name, a SKU, an IPC, or something else to search for.

A couple things to keep in mind is that often there are abbreviations in the name or text. Remington is often Rem. Mossberg is sometimes Mb. Instead of 20 Gauge you might search for 20GA instead.

Another helpful hint is to sort results by availability. That should place the items that are in stock at the top of the page. If you see Add to Cart below and item, it means it’s in stock. Items that are currently out of stock will show Read More and you can use our Back In Stock notification system to email you when it becomes available by clicking it.

The Advanced Product Search page is also found as a selection on the website’s Shop menu.

Thanks again for subscribing to our updates and shopping at Manno Firearms.