Break-free Clp 12oz. Aerosol –


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Break-free clp 12oz.Aerosol
FEATURES-Break-Free CLP (Bore Cleaning Solvent, Lubricant, Rust Preventative) Aerosol-12 oz. Aerosol-Penetrates and spreads along metal surfaces into every pit and crevice-Undercuts contamination and lifts residue away where it can be removed-Reduces adhesion of sand, grit or other abrasives which cause wear and failure-Corrosion inhibitors -Specially formulated synthetic oils won’t lose viscosity, dry out or stiffen up in extreme environments
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Dimension: 2.70 X 2.85 X 7.85

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Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 7.85 × 2.85 × 2.70 in





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