Amk After Bite Outdoor Bite & – Sting Relief .5oz Gel Formula


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Amk after bite outdoor bite & sting relief.5oz gel formula

-0.5 fl. oz.
-Provides instant relief for bites from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, & other common insects
-Instant & Permanent Relief from Itching & Pain
-Proprietary formula works on a wide variety of insect bites
-Simple to Apply
-Applicator tip makes local, no-mess application a breeze
-Endorsed by experts, so you know it works
-Portable Relief
-Applicator tube is perfect for packs, pockets or purses

Other Features: Liquid formula w/antihistamine for immediate bite & sting relief, stops the itch & pain on contact, soothes skin, portable and easy to apply

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Dimensions 5.90 × 2.55 × 1.00 in


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