A new Manno Firearms coupon code for September 2023 and the reason for it

Bottom Line Up Front $2.50 off 4 different items in our camping supplies section when you use the code CampHam0923 at checkout. Prices shown before discount below.

Each of these specific items in your cart will get the $2.50 discount once the Manno Firearms coupon code for September 2023 is applied. Quantities are limited and there’s no rainchecks. Code is good for all of September 2023.

Hi, my name is Edward and I’m usually doing things behind the scenes here at Manno Firearms. I spoke to Mr Manno about cross promoting “Camping and Ham radio” which is a new YouTube channel and accompanying blog site that I am launching to blog about both camping and ham radio.

I needed to order some collapsable base camp gear and saw that I could source it from Mannofirearms.com for less than the big A once I placed it on sale. I created the coupon code CampHam0923 for the sale in order to share the same savings with current viewers of the Manno Firearms website.

I’ve placed my order and will be creating a review for posting at “Camping and Hamradio” when it arrives. You can use the coupon code now or wait until you see a follow up message here informing you that the review is available.

Manno Firearms has a lot of items beyond just rifles and shotguns in our online catalog and I hope to showcase and review some of the ones that apply to my new blog and channel.

Take a look at the “Camping and Hamradio blog and channel” as I build the content there. You also might discover a new YT channel to watch or blog to read and develop an interest or reawaken your desire to go camping and/or use ham radio.

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