Just flags, or something more…


What do you see in the picture…
Some flags… 3 flags…something good or bad?

Consider something different.  Consider a framework or a structure, designed by some very insightful people.


History shows many attempts at the people-government relationship, but none have better results than the unique model that defines the United States of America.  Perhaps, the picture visualizes the careful ‘relationship’ between the government, the citizens, and those who serve to protect the citizens.

The US Flag represents the ideals of this country, not the government.  It represents the common values and goals of it’s citizens and unifies the American Culture.  As an equal ‘partner’, the citizens have a right to oversee and manage the government through governance.   We protect the citizens right to this partnership with the 2nd amendment.  There is specific historic reason for including the term “…shall not be infringed…”  in the authoring of that document.  A further relationship exists between the citizens and those who we empower for the purpose of service & protection of the citizens.  That relationship is critical as those empowered ‘by the people’ are not ‘superior to’ the people. They are in fact guided and managed by the people, citizens, in the form of laws and ordinance.

“We the people…”    In this context, we’re not grouped by religion, race or any other tag that may apply… in this context we’re ALL citizens. Understand the model and discussions about how to fix our ‘governance’ within the model will be more fruitful.

Take another look at the picture.  What do you see now?