Gun control for me, but not for Congress. I don’t think so!

alexandria shooting ballpark
Shooting at ballpark

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve watched and read about the shooting  of Republicans at the ballpark.  Of course the first reaction is “that’s terrible” and perhaps “thankfully there was armed security there to prevent further carnage”.    That’s what I thought too.

Most of us also knew this would ignite a (false) gun control conversation and sure enough, that’s what is happening now.  What interests me however is the commentary that suggests “shouldn’t Congress be allowed to carry a firearm to protect themselves?”   Well… of course they should.  JUST AS WE SHOULD!

Lets remember, they are us, and we are them.  All equals.  We all deserve to defend ourselves by possessing and carrying a firearm,  should we choose to.  By the way, while this incident may raise the discussion the decision has already been made… it’s called the Second Amendment.  How about those resisting it finally get onboard!

So if you’re going to join the conversation about gun control, lets remember our RIGHTS are non-negotiable and it’s a PERSON with a gun that STOPS a NUT with any weapon!

Manno Firearms supports the requirement for background checks to possess a firearm.   If you are LEGALLY allowed to own a weapon we believe you should be LEGALLY ALLOWED to carry that weapon – Period.

I’d bet those hiding in the dugout at the ballpark were thinking the same thing, even if some may be afraid to admit it.