Do I need a sling for my rifle or shotgun and what are some of my options?

You may wish to use a sling with your rifle or shotgun to make to make it easier to carry and less likely for you to drop it.

There are different type of slings. A one point sling is attached to your weapon at only one place while a two point sling attached at two points. Look at any firearms that you might have to see the number and type of any sling mounting points available. If it lacks a sling mount point, you can add one or more to it. Here are some examples.

Magpul and other vendors sell slings that convert from a 2 point to a 1 point sling by clipping back onto itself.


The photo above shows a sling with a clip at one end clipped back onto itself. Some slings have clips at both ends, while some other slings use quick disconnect or QD connectors at their ends. The right sling for your firearm needs to match the attaching hardware you are using. Here are some sling that use QD connectors but we have other kinds in our store.


This MI (Michigan Industries) foregrip has a QD sling mount made into it, and it’s that round hole on the side.


The QD connector seen here on the end of a sling has little balls that normally protrude but will retract when the spring loaded button on the top is pushed and held. It snaps into the hole and then stays connected. Also note those regular spaced bars on the top in photo below. Those are Picatinny rails and there are mount adapters that can be used with them if you don’t have an existing QD hole or sling swivel loop.


If your foregrip lacks a hole like this, you can still use something that attaches to it and adds a mounting point for a sling, like a M-LOK attached QD point. M-LOK is a pattern of holes on parts that support attachments using the M-LOK mounting system where the attachments have small screws with nuts that cam into place.

There are also attachments to let you use another type of sling with a QD mount.

If you are using a 2 point sling you will want a second attach point down near the stock. Some stocks are made with a QD sized hole in them, similar to the hole found in the foregrip.

Other firearms require you to add a mount and a common one is a plate that is installed right where the buffer tube meets the lower receiver on an AR-15 type rifle.


This plate doesn’t use the QD type attachment and is made for use with clips.


This happens to be pictured on an AR style pistol but the same plates are used on rifles and are right where the stock and buffer tube meets the lower receiver.

Manno Firearms carriers a wide variety of slings, M-LOK attachments, and other accessories for firearms. This also includes items that mount on Picatinny rails.

A sling, sling mount, sling adapter, or handguard with rail might just be something you should consider for your next firearm accessory purchase.