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With the exception of Connecticut residents who must purchase body armor in face to face transactions, we wanted to bring to our patrons attention that Manno Firearms carries a selection of bulletproof backpacks and body armor in our online catalog.

Bulletsafe Bulletproof Vest
Bulletsafe Bulletproof Vest body armor

You should familiarize yourself with any laws that might concern your possession or use of body armor. Generally speaking many states prohibit convicted felons from possessing body armor. Most states have additional penalties or enhanced penalties for the use of body armor while also committing other criminal acts.

Bulletproof Backpack
Guard Dog Proshield Smart Grey – Bulletproof Backpack

We have created two landing pages as a starting point to find the items that we show in stock and to get some example brands that you can use in our search engine to find other products.

Bulletproof Backpacks

Body Armor