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Hi, my name is Edward and I’m usually doing things behind the scenes here at Manno Firearms. I spoke to Mr Manno about cross promoting “Camping and Ham radio” which is a new YouTube channel and accompanying blog site that I am launching to blog about both camping and ham radio.

I needed to order some collapsable base camp gear and saw that I could source it from Mannofirearms.com for less than the big A once I placed it on sale. I created the coupon code CampHam0923 for the sale in order to share the same savings with current viewers of the Manno Firearms website.

I’ve placed my order and will be creating a review for posting at “Camping and Hamradio” when it arrives. You can use the coupon code now or wait until you see a follow up message here informing you that the review is available.

Manno Firearms has a lot of items beyond just rifles and shotguns in our online catalog and I hope to showcase and review some of the ones that apply to my new blog and channel.

Take a look at the “Camping and Hamradio blog and channel” as I build the content there. You also might discover a new YT channel to watch or blog to read and develop an interest or reawaken your desire to go camping and/or use ham radio.

A Very Nice Hellcat Holster by “Busted B Leathers”

While I’m definitely a big-time Sig Sauer fan and have just about every one of their pistols, I’ve recently found myself also becoming fond of my Springfield Hellcat. No, I don’t see myself buying more Springfields, but this Hellcat is just super nice for carry purposes. However a nice firearm requires a nice holster or it’s just miserable to carry. that’s where Busted B Leathers (BustedBleathers.com) comes in.

At this point I have probably five or six different holsters for the Hellcat. One or two are just poor quality, one looks great but won’t release the firearm without a struggle, another just doesn’t look very nice. I was getting a bit frustrated and frankly annoyed at all the money I wasted on less-than-stellar holsters for the Hellcat. In fact, I was at the point of just tucking it under my belt and sticking the tip of the muzzle in the coin pocket of my jeans as a better alternative to any of the holsters. That is until now.

That’s where BustedBLeathers comes in. Sitting on my couch, watching a rerun of Hogans Hero’s, I was surfing to see if anything new caught my eye to solve the holster issue. Hummm, what’s this? I see what appears to be a pretty nice looking leather holster, a paddle in fact which is my personal preference. I stare at it for a while, zooming in, and thinking “well, it’s not cheap, but it looks quite nice… and it’s leather”. Let me sleep on this.

Before long, I found myself back in my office playing with my array of bad holsters and thinking “these are all crap. I need to give this BustedB leather holster a shot”. So I did. The order was placed, and about 10 days later the box arrived. Let me cut to the chase… I’m VERY happy I ‘pulled the trigger’ on this one!

The holster is well made, clearly there is fine craftsmanship here. Clean leather, consistent stitching, exceptionally well formed to the Hellcat and unbelievably comfortable to wear. The Hellcat is held firm yet slips in cleanly. More importantly it can be drawn from the holster with a gentle but firm pull. The holster features a red dot cutout and is well formed to accommodate it. Besides being 100% functional, it simply looks great. I love the look of leather and the soft feel is good for me and the firearm.

Net net… I’d recommend this holster for the Hellcat. If all of the BustedBLeather items are of this high quality (which I have no reason to doubt they are) then I think you’ll be happy as well if you select them for your holster needs. *Note – I paid full retail for this holster out of my own pocket… so this isn’t a paid endorsement. As their business card says, “Cool shit ain’t cheap and cheap shit ain’t cool”. Frankly, this isn’t cheap but it’s not expensive either given the value. And it’s certainly cool! Take a look for yourself. Here are a few pictures.

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Recall Notice for Certain Henry Lever Action .45-70 Rifles 

Applies to Specific Rifles Manufactured after November 2022
Henry Repeating Arms is initiating a voluntary safety recall for lever action .45-70 rifles manufactured between December 14, 2022, and January 11, 2023. Under certain conditions, it is possible that some of these rifles may unintentionally discharge without the trigger being pulled if the hammer is released or dropped from the cocked position due to the use of firing pins that may not meet specifications.To prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury, Henry Repeating Arms requests that all owners of a lever action .45-70 discontinue all use until it is determined whether or not the rifle is subject to the recall.
Any Henry Repeating Arms firearm obtained before December 2022 is not subject to this recall, and no action is needed.
To determine if your Henry .45-70 lever action rifle is affected, owners should look up their serial number at henryusa.com/recall, email recall@henryusa.com, or call toll-free 1-866-200-2354 (M-F, 9 am ET-5 pm ET). If the serial number is flagged, and service is required, Henry Repeating Arms will provide a shipping carton and return label at no charge to replace the firing pin. Customers will also receive a $50 gift certificate for HenryPride.com upon completion of service.

Bulletproof backpacks and body armor available from Manno Firearms

Shop for bulletproof backpacks and body armor here at Manno Firearms

With the exception of Connecticut residents who must purchase body armor in face to face transactions, we wanted to bring to our patrons attention that Manno Firearms carries a selection of bulletproof backpacks and body armor in our online catalog.

Bulletsafe Bulletproof Vest
Bulletsafe Bulletproof Vest body armor

You should familiarize yourself with any laws that might concern your possession or use of body armor. Generally speaking many states prohibit convicted felons from possessing body armor. Most states have additional penalties or enhanced penalties for the use of body armor while also committing other criminal acts.

Bulletproof Backpack
Guard Dog Proshield Smart Grey – Bulletproof Backpack

We have created two landing pages as a starting point to find the items that we show in stock and to get some example brands that you can use in our search engine to find other products.

Bulletproof Backpacks

Body Armor

What are snapcaps and why might I want some for use with my firearm?

You might be asking “What are snapcaps and why might I want some for use with my firearm?” The answer is “for increased safety”.

Snapcaps are dimensionally identical copies of the ammunition a firearms uses but are functionally inert. They lack a primer, propellant, and a bullet.

Unlike a blank round which still goes BANG, a snapcap doesn’t do anything except allow for practice loading, unloading, handling, and trigger pulling without the risk of accidental discharge or damage to the gun.

A snapcap won’t cycle the action on a semi automatic because it doesn’t produce any recoil.

You would need to purchase snapcaps that match the size and type of ammunition for any firearm you wish to use them with.

There are snapcaps made of metal and also of plastic.

A key to developing confidence and competence with firearms handling is repetition. The use of snap caps helps you reduce the risks while practicing loading and unloading, drawing, or other manipulation of a weapon.

Some guns can be damaged by dry firing, which is letting the hammer drop when no round is chambered. Snap caps provide something for the hammer to strike and reduce the likelihood of things breaking. Snapcaps are able to be used over and over again.

Manno Fireams offers a variety of snap caps. If the particular one you want is out of stock, please use our back in stock notification system to email you a notice when we have them again.

CZ-USA issues Important Safety Recall Notice Regarding CZ 600 Bolt-Action Rifles

Recall Notice

CZ-USA has recently learned of a potential safety issue with the CZ 600 bolt-action rifles.  CZ-USA is voluntarily initiating a recall of these rifles to protect the safety of its customers because of the potential for a catastrophic failure if the barrel is not installed correctly. 

To prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury, you should immediately stop using your CZ 600 rifle and not load or fire it until it has been returned to CZ-USA to be inspected and modified.


CZ 600

CZ 600 rifles were designed to allow the users to replace the barrels themselves to change the caliber.  CZ-USA has learned that if the barrel is improperly installed, it is possible that the rifle could still be fired, but potentially result in a catastrophic failure.  CZ-USA will correct this issue by permanently installing the barrels in CZ 600 rifles.  As a result, the barrels on CZ 600 rifles will no longer be interchangeable.  CZ-USA understands that this solution may not be acceptable to some of our customers, in which case we will issue a full refund upon presentation of a valid receipt for the purchase of your rifle.


If you own a CZ 600 rifle, CZ-USA urges you to determine whether it is affected by this recall by going to the web page below:


SHOT Show – Day 2

SHOT Show Day 2

Today is the 2nd day of the 2022 SHOT Show and my impression remains the same… WOW. I literally walked miles yesterday threw floor after floor of some really amazing stuff related to the firearms industry and met even more great people. But before I give you my thoughts on today I want to follow up on something from yesterday.

Yes, I said I was going to go have a big steak and well… judge for yourself! Few things go better with a day at a gun show then beer, steak and potatoes… I managed to pack it all in and even followed it up about an hour later with some banana ice cream. Okay, that was a bit much, I agree but it sure felt good going down! The only negative is my dog wasn’t with me to enjoy that tasty bone.

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Back to day 2 at the SHOT Show. Today I spent time with some manufacturers that are a bit more specialized and targeted at those with an eye for differentiated quality. Among those I spoke with, I spent time with Kevin from Taylor’s & Company. They produce some really high quality and aesthetically pleasing firearms and I took the time to handle quite a few of them. They all felt great and I can see why they are so sought after.

A wonderful customer of mine named Brian had been looking for an Alaskan Takedown for quite a long time and I’ve not been able to accommodate him. So I made it a point to stop in at Taylor’s booth and have a very nice conversation with Kevin who is one of their Consumer Sales Associates. Kevin and I talked for some time and in the end I became a dealer for Taylor’s and placed a few orders. including the one for Brian.

This was a very welcomed outcome as I believe they have some great products and I’m happy to be able to bring them into the Manno Firearms portfolio. Here’s a picture of just a few of them… now on order!

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I also had the chance to meet with a great partner for Manno Firearms and thats Zanders. For those that don’t know the name Zanders, they’re a top tier distributor and one that I’ve come to rely on to help provide a strong and diverse inventory of products for our customers. I met with Stephanie Zanders, President and COO of Zanders and it was a real pleasure. We talked a bit about the recent challenges in the firearms industry and shared some stories of impact to our respective businesses.

After the conversation I came to appreciate that however much the shortages impacted my company the scale of Zanders is massively bigger. I’m grateful to Stephanie and the entire Zanders team for working hard to keep products flowing, controlling prices and helping companies like mine to stay afloat while the industry gets back to normal. Those of us in this business relay on distributors to give us a variety of products at competitive prices – Thanks Stephanie!

One of the reasons I attend events like this is to look for new product lines to bring to our customers and yes, to grow the business. A new product line I’m excited to work with resulted from a meeting with Michelle, a rep from Barnett, a well known company for archery and crossbows. While I’ve known about Barnett for many years I was pleasantly surprised how welcoming they were to new dealers and they make it easy.

That’s important because bringing in new products can be a business risk, but they really help to mitigate that risk… and they have quality products. It will take us a bit of time to get this new line setup and hopefully some dedicated webpages where we can highlight their offerings. If you’re into archery and need something, let us know and we’ll get this thing jumpstarted!

The 2022 SHOT Show continues for another 2 days but this is where I tap out. It’s time to get back on the plane and get a few last hours of rest before jumping back into the scrum. Priority 1 when I get back is catching up on emails, getting out some more orders, rationalizing all the great new things I saw at the show and getting some new products into the website. 2022 will likely be a busy year and thats good for business and it’s good for you. It means things are finally coming back, you’ll get back to better selection, better availability and more fun on the range or the hunt.

It’s also time to get back our rights! That fight continues and it’s going to take all of us. While I’m a supporter of the NRA I told them today they have been MISSING IN ACTION and we’re disappointed in their recent participation in the fight. (They disagreed).

I met with Gun Owners of America and am proud to promote them. For me it’s not a competition between GOA and NRA… we need them BOTH. I hope the NRA gets their ass in gear and I hope GOA continues to fight the good fight. In the end however, it’s up to us… the American CITIZEN. We ALL need to get off our ass, protect our vote… don’t let it get watered down, offset by non-citizens voting or buried under a pile of ballot harvested votes. Get up… Get out… Go VOTE. It’s arguably the most consequential thing you can do to protect this country and our way of life.

Here are a few more pictures from today’s show…. some worth drooling over!

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2022 SHOT Show – “All In”

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2022 SHOT Show

Talk about starting the year with a bang, I spent today at the 2022 SHOT Show. It’s the firearm industries premier event featuring an endless amount of manufacturers and products related to the firearm, military, police and hunting communities. I have to tell you, it’s incredible!

Certainly 2020 and 2021 were “interesting” years for humanity given the ‘China Virus’ (aka COVID) but it was equally interesting for 2nd Amendment supporters and those in the firearms business. We saw mass rioting, chaos and lawlessness… what some selected to call “mostly peaceful protesting” and at the same time we saw an erosion of our rights, most notably our right to protect ourselves. This was compounded with a massive shortage of firearms, self defense products and ridiculous lead times and prices. But hey, lets put that behind us now. Because from what I can see, the firearms industry is coming back and coming back strong.

I had a chance to see many of the manufacturer reps live, in person and talk to them about where things are going and how fast we’ll recover from the backlogs. Stephen from Stag Arms was among several I spoke with and it seems there is good news as things are coming back strong. Even better news is the down time seems to have been used to do some more creating, imagining what is possible with new technologies and a growing market. Stag along with Daniel Defense, Mossberg, and many others are coming out with some very cool, creative and incredibly accurate products that will surely reignite the firearms market. The number of options, custom designs, colors, weights… the list goes on. It’s a dream for those that want something other then the same old rifle. Not everything was sunshine and apple pie though, for instance the Barret I’ve been wanting is probably yet another year to 18 months out. On the other hand I found some sub 6-pound custom long range bolt-action rifles, an amazing array of 3-gun Elites, and so many other ‘things I want’ that I’ll be able to keep myself (and my customers) happy until those Barret’s come in!

By the way, you can bet I took the opportunity to also plant the seed to these manufacturers to not forget about us gun owners in states that are, well…. less 2nd Amendment friendly. Some are aware and actually working on more products that are state compliant, others actually had some stuff that I wasn’t aware of, and still others weren’t really aware of some of the states with gun restrictions and when they found out things as simple as pinning magazines would make them state compliant they quickly agreed to look into that and give us better selection. If just one of them comes through it’s worth it and for many it will open new markets for their great products.

Tomorrow will be my 2nd day at the show. I’ve explored about about 30% of what’s here and that took me the better part of 7 hours so that should give you a sense of the size and scale of this show. I have a few very special customers who’ve given me a few things to be on the look out for so some of tomorrow will be searching to see if I can find the manufacturers and place some much needed orders. I’ll be checking out some new products for practicing dry-fire shooting, and other products for self defense. My goal is to bring some new and useful products into the catalogue for my customers to make their lives safer and their sport shooting more fun.

While I’ve taken many pictures, below are just a few. This is a great industry with a lot of very friendly people all looking to enjoy their 2nd Amendment Rights, safely, legally and for the protection of themselves and their families.

I’m off to find a place to get a new and comfortable pair of sneakers… then a thick steak for dinner. Vegas, guns, steak. Does it get any better than this? Right now I’m thinking hell no!

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New York SAFE Act

If you’re reading this it’s likely because you’re interested in buying a firearm and you live in New York. Smart!

The short version, if you live in NY and want to buy a firearm, you have several significant restrictions that you must comply with. Like them or not, it’s the law and you’ll want to be informed before you buy or build. If you live outside of New York, congratulations but you’re not guaranteed to be free and clear of your own state restrictions. Take a moment, learn about the laws in your state before you buy or build a firearm.

New York residents… want to know a bit more detail… keep reading!

While “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed” is written into our Constitution for some reason infringement is quite common in New York and other states. This brief article isn’t intended to take sides on the rationale or the constitutionality of the situation, it’s just intended to make sure you’re informed about what you can and can’t have in New York. Why should you care? Well first, you want to make sure you are completely within the boundaries of the law. Second, you’re not going to want to create any hassles for yourself buying something that ultimately can’t be transferred to you and then has to be returned, perhaps with a cost. So lets take just a moment, get familiar with the basic elements of the New York SAFE Act and save everyone a bunch of headaches.

While many mistakenly believe the “AR” in AR15 stands for Assault Rifle, it doesn’t. It’s actually the name of the first company that created a specific style rifle based on a military specification. “AR” actually stands for Armalite Rifle, named after the company that made it and was designed in the mid 1950’s. While not initially successful, the design soon took off and today is one of the most popular sporting and military rifles available. I note both sporting and military because while the basic rifle is the same, functionally the typical military version can be set to both semi and fully automatic while most sporting and ‘compliant’ versions are only semi-automatic. In short, semi-automatic means one pull of the trigger and one round is fired. Fully automatic means one pull of the trigger and many rounds are fired. A BIG difference. Yet because most AR-style rifles LOOK the same, many think they ARE the same. Wrong.

With that out of the way, lets talk about the New York SAFE Act. It was put into place to address what some considered ‘dangerous assault rifles’ from being owned in New York. Once you learn about the SAFE Act you’ll find that it really has nothing to do with safety and mostly prohibits features that make the rifle ‘look more military-ish’. Correct… it’s about the ‘looks’ and not really about the lethality or core functionality of the firearm. In fact it really just prohibits some features of the rifle that have nothing to do with lethality. For example, most AR-style rifles have an adjustable shoulder stock so length can be fitted to best suit the size of the person using the rifle. When that feature is used on a semi-automatic rifle with a removable magazine that feature suddenly makes the rifle qualify as an ‘assault rifle’ and is prohibited under the SAFE Act. The SAFE Act also prohibits features like ‘pistol grips’ or a ‘forward grip’ and the list goes on. Nothing about the SAFE Act really makes the rifle more or less inherently safe and thats likely because many gun laws are written by people who don’t really know about the topic or are biased. Having said that, if you live in New York you MUST comply with the all aspects of the SAFE Act so here are a few basics that you should keep in mind.

If you’re buying a bolt-action, lever-action or pump-action firearm you are most likely going to be fine. While there are exceptions such as short barreled rifles, you’ll find that most of the these style firearms are legal in New York State although some may still not be legal in certain counties or boroughs. Where the SAFE Act comes into play is primarily with semi-automatic rifles that have a removable magazine. If the firearm has these two features, under the SAFE Act it can NOT have any additional features or it becomes an assault rifle. Some examples… if it’s semi-auto with removable magazine it can’t have a pistol grip. It can’t have an adjustable stock, or a thumb-hole stock. Not enough? It can’t have a threaded barrel, or a flash hider. It can’t have a bayonet lug, a folding stock, compensator or forward grip. Get the point? If it is semi-auto with removable mag it can’t have any of those features or it’s considered an “assault rifle”. That’s just a subset of prohibitive features, there are a few more. So to the point of this article, you’ll want to read through the NY SAFE Act before you buy to ensure that you’re not wasting your time, money or putting yourself in jeopardy. This is even more true if you plan to build your own rifle. It’s quite easy to ‘accidentally’ violate the configuration laws and get yourself into some deep trouble. While I’ve outlined a few basic configurations here know that there are more restrictions and that includes restrictions on shotgun configurations and magazine capacities.

Given the information above, are there New York compliant AR-style rifles available? Yes, there are. Some manufacturers produce state compliant versions. For New York, one of the most common ones we offer is the Stag Arms AR15 Tactical which comes with all the great features most people want however the rifle has a 10-round ‘pinned’ magazine which makes it compliant. Pinned is referring to the fact that the magazine can not be removed, therefore it doesn’t classify as an ‘assault rifle’ and can have the ‘other features’. These are really outstanding rifles, fun to shoot and completely legal right out of the box.

You may be thinking to yourself this is ridiculous and other states don’t have to deal with this. You’re right. But this is the law in New York and until we elect different leaders and change the laws, we need to comply. Think about that the next time you go to the ballot box! Don’t get upset with your dealer or FFL either… we’re not going to sell any illegal configuration regardless of how much you paid, how much you will lose by having to return it, or even by you promising to take it out of state. Bottom line is we aren’t putting ourselves at risk by selling you something that is outside of what the law permits…. thats for your benefit as well as our own.

Read more about the New York SAFE Act on the state website and make sure you’re fully informed.

Colt issues repair notice for some carbines

rifle serial updated scaled 1

Important Safety Recall for Certain Modern Sporting Rifles

Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC (Colt) has recently discovered a potential safety issue with certain of its semi-automatic only Modern Sporting Rifles (“MSR”). Colt is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers because of the potential for certain MSRs to discharge unintentionally and because of its commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

To prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury, you should immediately stop using your MSR and not load or fire it until you have determined if it is affected, and it has been upgraded if necessary.

Additional information including specifics on the rifles affected and how to obtain a repair if applicable can be found at this link.

Hey, how do I unload this thing?

Laughing? It may sound funny to some but to me its pretty scary to hear. Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably heard that gun sales are at all time highs. Who can blame the average law abiding American for wanting one. You listen to the news each night and think this world has gone insane. Worse, there are people, citizens right in our country that are using violence as a means to drive change. Regardless of your agreement with the changes, violence isn’t the answer and when it becomes the answer, the average American with something to lose – including their life, are going to take precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones. And, they are! In record numbers as I’ve mentioned. That includes some that already own firearms and know how to use them, but many who are first time firearm owners and aren’t really sure about how to keep, use and store safely.

So the question, ‘how do I unload this thing’ is one that dealers do get. It’s usually on the phone, and it’s usually someone who just bought a firearm and was ‘getting to know it’ themselves. The response to that question is usually, “do you have it loaded with REAL AMMO”?. Yup. That’s what I was afraid of.

Lets take a step back. How do you get experience without putting yourself, or someone else in danger. Well first I’d recommend DON’T LOAD THE GUN! Give a call to your local dealer and ask a different question; “Where can I get some lessons from a professional”? That’s the BEST place to start. On our website we have a link directly to a certified NRA instructor. We ask all of our customers to consider taking lessons. By the way, we don’t make money off of the instruction, so don’t think it’s about another revenue stream for us. It’s not. It’s about safe, responsible gun ownership. Those playing politics always say “common sense gun control”… I say common sense gun ownership and that starts with being informed, trained and safe.

Back to the live ammo point… I’d strongly recommend that in addition to training, gun owners purchase fake ammunition. Commonly known as Snap Caps, the fake ammunition is perfectly safe to practice with. Practice loading, unloading, hang-fire drills, topping off, making safe and even emergency drills. What do I mean by practice emergency drills? For most they are buying the firearm for home protection. Home protection is an emergency situation and you need to be prepared for it. Will you be keeping the gun unloaded and then loading up when you hear the bump in the night? Practice that situation. Will you keep it low ready and chamber the first round when you hear the dog start barking? Practice that. What about when you realize it was nothing? Just the cat knocking something over and you’re standing there, now with a loaded, ready to shoot firearm. How do you unload it? Practice that! But practice ALL OF IT with SNAP CAPS! That’s SAFE!

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Snap Caps come in a number of styles and calibers. Buy whatever matches your firearm. They are a safe way to practice and get familiar with your firearm and all of the actions related to loading, unloading and handling. They are also designed to make it safe to pull the trigger. On some firearms ‘dry fire’ is bad as it can fracture or damage the firing pin. Using a Snap Cap makes it safe to dry fire. They are inert, meaning they won’t fire, nothing will come out, there will be no bang. But, you can practice the key functions of safe firearms use and do so without worrying about an accidental discharge as you could get with live ammunition. Have kids that you want to train to handle the firearm? You wouldn’t want to have them do it with live ammo I’m sure. Again, this is a great safe approach and one you should absolutely consider.

We still recommend the training, thats invaluable. Regardless, invest in some Snap Caps. Use the Advanced Search option on the website, search for Snap Caps and select the ones that match your caliber firearm. They will ship directly to you. Then practice practice practice.

Caller: How do I unload this thing?

Dealer: Is it loaded with live ammo?

Caller: Are you kidding! Hell NO. I have Snap Caps to practice with!

Dealer: Nicely done!

Sig P320 XFive Legion

One of the nice benefits of being a firearms dealer and FFL is getting to see a wide variety of firearms. As we process them we get to handle them and become a bit more familiar with time. We get to know what’s common, uncommon, what has a better feel, balance, what’s too big for our hand, what is too small. I remember many years ago, before I was a dealer, buying a Walter TPH. From the pictures it looked nice, it was small, just the right size to carry. Like many, I went to my local store, bought it and went right to the range. After admiring it a bit I raised it, aimed and shot. Heck of a shot too… I found out after a few minutes that I did in fact make a fabulous shot on target but the more immediate thing I paid attention to was the gash in the skin between my thumb and finger. Turns out that the gun was too easy to choke up on and the slide bit me as it came back. I remember thinking “I wish I had time to handle more of these before making a buying decision“. The Walther is still in my collection but rarely shot. Now, because I do get to handle more firearms, and because I’m much more informed, I am making buying decisions that I’m very happy with. That’s all a prelude to say I’m now an owner of yet another Sig, this time the Legion P320 XFive.

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This isn’t my first Legion, I have a few. My P229 is my first choice and I recommend it highly. The size, weight, look and feel all work for me. At the range, I wanted something a bit bigger so I checked out the Sig P320 XFive Legion and wow, it also feels damn good. It’s a bigger gun so not one I’d want to carry, but its a great look and feel and one that I’ve come to enjoy at the range. Chambered in 9mm, the XFive is a heavier gun by design. The added weight really reduces muzzle rise and keeps the target well in sight. Sig wanted to keep the great feel of polymer guns, which have an interesting ‘flex’ to them but wanted to address the typical lighter weight that polymers bring as compared to steel. Their answer was to infuse the polymer with tungsten making it super strong, heavier, yet retain the flex. The result is very nice and very fun to shoot. The design reduces muzzle flip by as much as 50% allowing faster and more consistent double-taps. If you’re double tapping you’re also reloading so the Legion XFive comes with three mags, capacity may vary based on your state but each have the Legion emblem in the baseplate. The trigger is also worked and has a lighter pull weight then previous versions. I’ve read reviews about people saying the trigger could be better but I’ve actually found it to be very well designed and breaks are clean. A few other nice features are the Dawson Precision fiber optic adjustable sights and the flared mag well making quick loads repeatable and easy. The gun uses a 1911-style recoil spring and comes with two, a 14 pound spring installed and a 12 pound spring in the box. I’ve not found a need or reason to change the spring but it’s done in about 3 seconds.

For mine, I decided to add a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. It’s a genuinely nice red dot, 2.5MOA (at 100yds) with multiple brightness levels as well as a shake-to-wake and topside battery that is quick and easy to replace without taking the site off the gun. The click adjustments make positive response when compensating elevation and wind adjustments. I’m still getting a bit used to the red dot as it’s a second focal plane but it’s really quite a great field of view with super fast acquisition . It’s also made to work perfectly with the Legion P320 so installation took all of 5 minutes. I picked up the optional rear iron site which is specifically made for the DeltaPoint Pro so I can co-witness should my battery die. Not a major need or concern but what the heck. The unit also comes with a cover made to work with the rear iron site too, a nice touch.

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While I picked up a few other accessories one I’d note is the Comp-Tac P320 Series holster. I’m really quite pleased with it. I put the paddle option on mine and it works great. Easy to holster the gun, super quick to draw, light and comfortable. They make these to work with rail lights too. It’s precut and designed for the red dot so the moment it came in the mail I was able to slip the gun in and it was perfect. While it has tension adjustments, I found it to be just right out of the box.

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Back to the XFive, there is one thing that I will share with you which I have seen with other P320’s. Specifically, the slide when new doesn’t always seat fully back in battery when you manually rack it. If you rack it back and release the momentum will always return it to seated battery but if you ride the side it hangs up about 1/2” away from where it should seat. I did a lot of reading and some comments say poor quality control. Some talk about it being pretensioned by design. Others say they sent it to Sig to get polished. For me, I’ve seen this before and know it was simply a matter of break-in. So as I sipped a glass of ice water and watched the news of the evening, I quietly and repeatedly racked the slide back and forth. After about 100 racks it still hung but I had to intentionally make it hang. After about 150 it stopped hanging up but I could still feel a rub spot. After about 200 racks, it was smooth as butter and I hadn’t even fired my first shot. By the way, this wasn’t a situation of “did you try lube”… it wasn’t a lubrication issue I assure you. It was a break in issue… and now it’s just great!

Back to the benefits of being a dealer & FFL, I get to handle a wide variety of firearms and then buy what I really like. While I have a good mix of manufacturers, I have just about every Sig and I’m happy with each one. The Sig P320 XFive Legion is a nice addition and one that I expect to be doing a lot of shooting with. Great look, feel, accuracy make it a great option for many.

Drop us a message if you pick one up. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Ohio Governor seeks to infringe upon gun owner’s rights before this year ends

Ohio’s 70th Governor, Mike DeWine is seeking to infringe upon that state’s gun owner’s rights with his sponsorship of Senate Bill 221 in this year’s legislative session. He’s been in one public office or another almost non-stop since 1977 with the exception of a 4 year break between Congress and the AG of Ohio, the position he held prior to being elected Governor in 2019. You would think that serving the people and obeying the Constitution would control his actions. Keep in find this is the same politician facing impeachments calls from members of his own party over his overreaches of power concerning business closings and mandatory wearing of masks.

Ohio Senate Bill 221‘s primary sponsor is Matt Dolan from District 24. Co-sponsors of the bill are Senators Frank Hoagland and Peggy Lehner. The short title of the bill is “Regards firearm protection orders/seller protection certificates” but some are calling it the “STRONG Ohio Bill”

Like so many other things people are trying to sell you, at the surface it sounds great and the bullet points all seem like good things. I’ve included the links to the places where you can see this as well as all of the churches, mayors, and police organizations that have also submitted documents as proponents of this proposed legislation.

If you are in Ohio and care about the second amendment, I encourage you to take a look at them and to also look at the Legal Analysis that was done by the Buckeye Firearms Association. They took the time to look through the more than 200 pages and illustrate the significant issues found within it.

I encourage everyone to keep an eye on their elected officials and the laws and rulings that are in progress or made. Use your voice to offer support when it’s appropriate, but also to make known your opposition to the individuals involved as well as any associated parties. That includes the political parties that the officials belong to.

Contact the officials that represent your interests and tell them why you think they should seek to change provisions within the STRONG Ohio bill that would virtually require background checks for private party sales, eliminate Doctor patient confidentiality, increase possession penalties to the point of being cruel and unusual considering the crime, and strip away gun rights from those who had been committed against their will. The analysis linked above provides the details. In Ohio you can use this page to find and contact your representatives in the legislature.

Lastly support the local and national organizations that are fighting for your rights, and stop supporting either financially or with your votes the persons and parties that seek to remove them.