Hey, how do I unload this thing?

Laughing? It may sound funny to some but to me its pretty scary to hear. Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably heard that gun sales are at all time highs. Who can blame the average law abiding American for wanting one. You listen to the news each night and think this world has gone insane. Worse, there are people, citizens right in our country that are using violence as a means to drive change. Regardless of your agreement with the changes, violence isn’t the answer and when it becomes the answer, the average American with something to lose – including their life, are going to take precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones. And, they are! In record numbers as I’ve mentioned. That includes some that already own firearms and know how to use them, but many who are first time firearm owners and aren’t really sure about how to keep, use and store safely.

So the question, ‘how do I unload this thing’ is one that dealers do get. It’s usually on the phone, and it’s usually someone who just bought a firearm and was ‘getting to know it’ themselves. The response to that question is usually, “do you have it loaded with REAL AMMO”?. Yup. That’s what I was afraid of.

Lets take a step back. How do you get experience without putting yourself, or someone else in danger. Well first I’d recommend DON’T LOAD THE GUN! Give a call to your local dealer and ask a different question; “Where can I get some lessons from a professional”? That’s the BEST place to start. On our website we have a link directly to a certified NRA instructor. We ask all of our customers to consider taking lessons. By the way, we don’t make money off of the instruction, so don’t think it’s about another revenue stream for us. It’s not. It’s about safe, responsible gun ownership. Those playing politics always say “common sense gun control”… I say common sense gun ownership and that starts with being informed, trained and safe.

Back to the live ammo point… I’d strongly recommend that in addition to training, gun owners purchase fake ammunition. Commonly known as Snap Caps, the fake ammunition is perfectly safe to practice with. Practice loading, unloading, hang-fire drills, topping off, making safe and even emergency drills. What do I mean by practice emergency drills? For most they are buying the firearm for home protection. Home protection is an emergency situation and you need to be prepared for it. Will you be keeping the gun unloaded and then loading up when you hear the bump in the night? Practice that situation. Will you keep it low ready and chamber the first round when you hear the dog start barking? Practice that. What about when you realize it was nothing? Just the cat knocking something over and you’re standing there, now with a loaded, ready to shoot firearm. How do you unload it? Practice that! But practice ALL OF IT with SNAP CAPS! That’s SAFE!

Snap Caps come in a number of styles and calibers. Buy whatever matches your firearm. They are a safe way to practice and get familiar with your firearm and all of the actions related to loading, unloading and handling. They are also designed to make it safe to pull the trigger. On some firearms ‘dry fire’ is bad as it can fracture or damage the firing pin. Using a Snap Cap makes it safe to dry fire. They are inert, meaning they won’t fire, nothing will come out, there will be no bang. But, you can practice the key functions of safe firearms use and do so without worrying about an accidental discharge as you could get with live ammunition. Have kids that you want to train to handle the firearm? You wouldn’t want to have them do it with live ammo I’m sure. Again, this is a great safe approach and one you should absolutely consider.

We still recommend the training, thats invaluable. Regardless, invest in some Snap Caps. Use the Advanced Search option on the website, search for Snap Caps and select the ones that match your caliber firearm. They will ship directly to you. Then practice practice practice.

Caller: How do I unload this thing?

Dealer: Is it loaded with live ammo?

Caller: Are you kidding! Hell NO. I have Snap Caps to practice with!

Dealer: Nicely done!

Sig P320 XFive Legion

One of the nice benefits of being a firearms dealer and FFL is getting to see a wide variety of firearms. As we process them we get to handle them and become a bit more familiar with time. We get to know what’s common, uncommon, what has a better feel, balance, what’s too big for our hand, what is to small. I remember many years ago, before I was a dealer, buying a Walter TPH. From the pictures it looked nice, it was small, just the right size to carry. Like many, I went to my local store, bought it and went right to the range. After admiring it a bit I raised it, aimed and shot. Heck of a shot too… I found out after a few minutes that I did in fact make a fabulous shot on target but the more immediate thing I paid attention to was the gash in the skin between my thumb and finger. Turns out that the gun was too easy to choke up on and the slide bit me as it came back. I remember thinking “I wish I had time to handle more of these before making a buying decision“. The Walther is still in my collection but rarely shot. Now, because I do get to handle more firearms, and because I’m much more informed, I am making buying decisions that I’m very happy with. That’s all a prelude to say I’m now an owner of yet another Sig, this time the Legion P320 XFive.

This isn’t my first Legion, I have a few. My P229 is my first choice and I recommend it highly. The size, weight, look and feel all work for me. At the range, I wanted something a bit bigger so I checked out the Sig P320 XFive Legion and wow, it also feels damn good. It’s a bigger gun so not one I’d want to carry, but its a great look and feel and one that I’ve come to enjoy at the range. Chambered in 9mm, the XFive is a heavier gun by design. The added weight really reduces muzzle rise and keeps the target well in sight. Sig wanted to keep the great feel of polymer guns, which have an interesting ‘flex’ to them but wanted to address the typical lighter weight that polymers bring as compared to steel. Their answer was to infuse the polymer with tungsten making it super strong, heavier, yet retain the flex. The result is very nice and very fun to shoot. The design reduces muzzle flip by as much as 50% allowing faster and more consistent double-taps. If you’re double tapping you’re also reloading so the Legion XFive comes with three mags, capacity may vary based on your state but each have the Legion emblem in the baseplate. The trigger is also worked and has a lighter pull weight then previous versions. I’ve read reviews about people saying the trigger could be better but I’ve actually found it to be very well designed and breaks are clean. A few other nice features are the Dawson Precision fiber optic adjustable sights and the flared mag well making quick loads repeatable and easy. The gun uses a 1911-style recoil spring and comes with two, a 14 pound spring installed and a 12 pound spring in the box. I’ve not found a need or reason to change the spring but it’s done in about 3 seconds.

For mine, I decided to add a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. It’s a genuinely nice red dot, 2.5MOA (at 100yds) with multiple brightness levels as well as a shake-to-wake and topside battery that is quick and easy to replace without taking the site off the gun. The click adjustments make positive response when compensating elevation and wind adjustments. I’m still getting a bit used to the red dot as it’s a second focal plane but it’s really quite a great field of view with super fast acquisition . It’s also made to work perfectly with the Legion P320 so installation took all of 5 minutes. I picked up the optional rear iron site which is specifically made for the DeltaPoint Pro so I can co-witness should my battery die. Not a major need or concern but what the heck. The unit also comes with a cover made to work with the rear iron site too, a nice touch.

While I picked up a few other accessories one I’d note is the Comp-Tac P320 Series holster. I’m really quite pleased with it. I put the paddle option on mine and it works great. Easy to holster the gun, super quick to draw, light and comfortable. They make these to work with rail lights too. It’s precut and designed for the red dot so the moment it came in the mail I was able to slip the gun in and it was perfect. While it has tension adjustments, I found it to be just right out of the box.

Back to the XFive, there is one thing that I will share with you which I have seen with other P320’s. Specifically, the slide when new doesn’t always seat fully back in battery when you manually rack it. If you rack it back and release the momentum will always return it to seated battery but if you ride the side it hangs up about 1/2” away from where it should seat. I did a lot of reading and some comments say poor quality control. Some talk about it being pretensioned by design. Others say they sent it to Sig to get polished. For me, I’ve seen this before and know it was simply a matter of break-in. So as I sipped a glass of ice water and watched the news of the evening, I quietly and repeatedly racked the slide back and forth. After about 100 racks it still hung but I had to intentionally make it hang. After about 150 it stopped hanging up but I could still feel a rub spot. After about 200 racks, it was smooth as butter and I hadn’t even fired my first shot. By the way, this wasn’t a situation of “did you try lube”… it wasn’t a lubrication issue I assure you. It was a break in issue… and now it’s just great!

Back to the benefits of being a dealer & FFL, I get to handle a wide variety of firearms and then buy what I really like. While I have a good mix of manufacturers, I have just about every Sig and I’m happy with each one. The Sig P320 XFive Legion is a nice addition and one that I expect to be doing a lot of shooting with. Great look, feel, accuracy make it a great option for many.

Drop us a message if you pick one up. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Ohio Governor seeks to infringe upon gun owner’s rights before this year ends

Ohio’s 70th Governor, Mike DeWine is seeking to infringe upon that state’s gun owner’s rights with his sponsorship of Senate Bill 221 in this year’s legislative session. He’s been in one public office or another almost non-stop since 1977 with the exception of a 4 year break between Congress and the AG of Ohio, the position he held prior to being elected Governor in 2019. You would think that serving the people and obeying the Constitution would control his actions. Keep in find this is the same politician facing impeachments calls from members of his own party over his overreaches of power concerning business closings and mandatory wearing of masks.

Ohio Senate Bill 221‘s primary sponsor is Matt Dolan from District 24. Co-sponsors of the bill are Senators Frank Hoagland and Peggy Lehner. The short title of the bill is “Regards firearm protection orders/seller protection certificates” but some are calling it the “STRONG Ohio Bill”

Like so many other things people are trying to sell you, at the surface it sounds great and the bullet points all seem like good things. I’ve included the links to the places where you can see this as well as all of the churches, mayors, and police organizations that have also submitted documents as proponents of this proposed legislation.

If you are in Ohio and care about the second amendment, I encourage you to take a look at them and to also look at the Legal Analysis that was done by the Buckeye Firearms Association. They took the time to look through the more than 200 pages and illustrate the significant issues found within it.

I encourage everyone to keep an eye on their elected officials and the laws and rulings that are in progress or made. Use your voice to offer support when it’s appropriate, but also to make known your opposition to the individuals involved as well as any associated parties. That includes the political parties that the officials belong to.

Contact the officials that represent your interests and tell them why you think they should seek to change provisions within the STRONG Ohio bill that would virtually require background checks for private party sales, eliminate Doctor patient confidentiality, increase possession penalties to the point of being cruel and unusual considering the crime, and strip away gun rights from those who had been committed against their will. The analysis linked above provides the details. In Ohio you can use this page to find and contact your representatives in the legislature.

Lastly support the local and national organizations that are fighting for your rights, and stop supporting either financially or with your votes the persons and parties that seek to remove them.

Really? Weeks or months to get what I ordered?

In the age of Amazon and the ‘next day’ culture we’ve all become accustomed to, it seems really strange to be told “it could be weeks or months” to get what you ordered, or maybe even longer!

In fact you probably will ask again just to make sure you heard it right. Unfortunately you did. Sure, there are unprincipled merchants who will tell you what ever they need to in order to get the sale but those of us who hope to build a relation over time with our customers aren’t going to stoop to such low practices.

The firearms business is typically pretty stable in terms of supply and demand however it’s not unheard of for it to get out of balance. When it happens it’s usually as a result of some new policies around gun control, and/or it could be as a result of an election which brings about a new and unpredictable administration.

Other times it’s right after a highly publicized and tragic shooting where seemingly innocent people are caught up in ‘gun violence’. Each of these situations can bring about some instability, or imbalance between supply and demand but they are typically short in duration and things soon normalize. The news cycle moves on, or the politician is caught up in a new scandal, or the manufacturers just step up production. This time it’s different.

As a FFL dealer we have a different perspective of this situation than the consumer and what I’d like to share with you is what I have seen that seems to have gotten us to the point of saying “it could be weeks, months.. maybe longer”.

Back in October, 2019 we started to hear more and more about the ‘upcoming election’ and throughout the primaries we heard a lot from people like “Beto” talk about gun confiscation. We heard clips of Joe Biden saying “Bingo! You’re damn right I’m coming for your guns”.

The list of comments and promises about gun restrictions goes on and on and I’m sure you’ve heard them and the natural reaction is for supporters of the 2nd Amendment to rightly start to worry. So the heart rates go up and a few more guns are bought by those who typically own and buy guns. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as they say.

In February of 2020 we began to hear about another situation, COVID 19 AKA the China Flu. While seemingly unrelated to firearms, the mainstream news and media talked about it non-stop. The endless coverage is a combination of facts, conjecture, projection, and hype that’s great for getting viewers to tune in, but a byproduct of this is fear. Some rational, some irrational and all of it fogged by opportunists. The end result, people start to worry about food shortages and the possibility that will lead to hungry roving gangs breaking into homes to get their next meal and/or toilet paper.

So the heart rate goes up again and this time, those less inclined to get a gun also decide “it’s time to get a gun” while the rest of us consider getting another gun. This continues for the next few months as does the need for ammunition.

So at this point I’m explaining how the demand is starting to grow, and grow fast. Gun dealers have inventory and we start to sell it and in the background they place restocking orders with manufacturers and distributors. No problem yet as the business is good and people are getting protection they sought.

Then the COVID related workplace shutdowns happen and they last for a while. The manufacturers aren’t able to produce and the supplies at the dealers and the distributors start to dwindle and prices start to soar. Selection and availability of guns and ammo decreases. The consumers heart rate rises yet again and so they start to buy whatever they can get their hands on “just to have something JUST IN CASE” and of course with that comes the purchase of ammunition. This only adds to the huge imbalance between supply and demand. Who would have imagined that it was going to get worse?

As if all of that wasn’t enough we start to see mob actions. This isn’t the same as peaceful protest or lawfully assembling to air grievances with one’s government. Specifically criminal riots in the streets for a variety of reasons, few of them legitimate where property is stolen and destroyed and people are injured and killed. The situation goes from pretty damn bad, to unimaginable and so those who would “never” consider buying a gun, are now pretty happy to have 2nd amendment rights available to them. The feeling is “I must have something to protect my family, my home and my life”. They join the millions of others in buying and dealers all over the country answer endless calls that start with the person on the other end of the phone saying “I never thought I’d have to do this, but I’d like to buy a gun. Can you help me?”. Their hearts are racing as they have this conversation and rightly so.

I’m guessing by this point you’re starting to understand the situation. Manufacturers had closed, while the distributors and dealers stock was depleted to almost zero and the unprecedented demand from a larger percentage of the population grows larger than ever before. As a dealer we have little choice but to now say “we have very little in stock and I really can’t tell you when we’ll be getting more”.

The shorter tactical home defense shotguns went first, in part because that’s what people were recommended to get for home protection. They are easier to use in space limited surroundings.

Next the slightly longer tactical shotguns sold out. These have easy options for mounting lights and sights.

Now people are settling for the traditional shotguns and any rifle they can get their hands on. Currently the options are far and few between with the prices so high that it’s almost unimaginable because that’s how supply and demand works.

It’s getting closer to almost a year later and we’re still in a bad situation. Yes it’s true that some manufacturers have reopened but they have a reduced staff and production because of COVID restrictions. They can’t produce at the volumes they normally would and now, they too are having trouble getting in the raw materials to mill and manufacturer the parts and/or construct the ammunition.

This doesn’t seem to be easing up any time soon either. Recent announcements of COVID vaccines are great but it will still take some time to get the masses inoculated, to restart the supply chains, to get the staff back to work or to hire and train new employees to do the manufacturing and time to replenish the dozens of distributors and thousands of dealers. When production does ramp back up it will be facing a large mountain of backorders already in the systems and waiting to be filled prior to new business demands being satisfied.

We’ve got a long way to go before we can serve our customers like we used to with good selection, prompt delivery and reasonable pricing. It doesn’t take a soothsayer to predict that new and old 2nd amendment supporters should prepare themselves for even more obstacles such as ‘sensible gun control, gun buy-backs and restrictions’ which are likely to hit us like angry waves breaking on the beach during a storm.

I’ll close this post by saying that none of us are happy that we don’t have inventory and saying “sorry, it could be weeks or months” is just as painful for us to say as it is for our customers to hear. That’s the reality right now. If you think this is tough, just think about how ‘tough’ it will be if we lose our 2nd Amendment rights.

To those of you thinking “that won’t happen” then let me just say this: Who would have thought the government could mandate that we stay in our homes, or stay out of work, or mandate that we wear a mask, or can’t gather with our family? All of that and more is happening right now! Our rights are being trampled in the name of the ‘greater good’. How long before they remove the right for you to protect yourself for ‘the greater good”?

Safety Recall Notice: Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Rifle

FYI from a Blog post at sigsauer.com posted today.

NEWINGTON, N.H., (November 25, 2020) – Today Sig Sauer, Inc. is announcing a safety recall for the CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle, and consumers should immediately discontinue use of the rifle.  This recall applies to all CROSS Bolt-Action rifles currently manufactured. 

Sig Sauer has viewed an online video that presents a single CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle with a potential safety concern.  This gun has been returned to Sig Sauer and upon evaluation it has been confirmed that the rifle exhibited a delayed discharge after the trigger was pulled.  Sig Sauer has decided to issue a safety recall in order to implement a modification to the firing action to address this potential safety concern.

To register for the recall process please visit sigsauer.com/crossrecall or call Sig Sauer Customer Service at 603-610-3000, option 1.  Following registration Sig Sauer will further communicate with you to arrange for the return of your rifle to Sig Sauer for the safety improvement.  All shipment and replacement costs will be covered by Sig Sauer. 

Sig Sauer is committed to providing the highest quality, industry leading firearms in the marketplace and is requesting that consumers take immediate action and follow the recall process as described. 

Smith & Wesson issues safety recall notice for M&P® Shield™ EZ pistols (including Performance Center® models) manufactured between March 1, 2020 and October 31, 2020


Smith & Wesson has identified two M&P Shield EZ Pistols on which the hammers manufactured by our supplier were cracked. In those firearms, the hammer failed to fully engage the sear, causing the round to fire, cycling the slide, and potentially resulting in multiple discharges without depressing the trigger.

To read more about this recall and to check the serial numbers affected, please visit this web page.


This notice applies ONLY to M&P® Shield™ EZ pistols (including Performance Center® models) manufactured between March 1, 2020 and October 31, 2020, and only to a small percentage of that population. It does NOT apply to all SHIELD™ pistols. To determine whether your M&P Shield EZ Pistol is affected, check the label on the box to determine date of manufacture (see image below), and if manufacture date is between March 1, 2020 and October 31, 2020 – your pistol may be affected. In this case (or if you are unsure of your date of manufacture), simply go to MPShieldEZrecall.com and input your serial number, or call 888-871-7114 .

Do I need a sling for my rifle or shotgun and what are some of my options?

You may wish to use a sling with your rifle or shotgun to make to make it easier to carry and less likely for you to drop it.

There are different type of slings. A one point sling is attached to your weapon at only one place while a two point sling attached at two points. Look at any firearms that you might have to see the number and type of any sling mounting points available. If it lacks a sling mount point, you can add one or more to it. Here are some examples.

Magpul and other vendors sell slings that convert from a 2 point to a 1 point sling by clipping back onto itself.

The photo above shows a sling with a clip at one end clipped back onto itself. Some slings have clips at both ends, while some other slings use quick disconnect or QD connectors at their ends. The right sling for your firearm needs to match the attaching hardware you are using. Here are some sling that use QD connectors but we have other kinds in our store.

This MI (Michigan Industries) foregrip has a QD sling mount made into it, and it’s that round hole on the side.

The QD connector seen here on the end of a sling has little balls that normally protrude but will retract when the spring loaded button on the top is pushed and held. It snaps into the hole and then stays connected. Also note those regular spaced bars on the top in photo below. Those are Picatinny rails and there are mount adapters that can be used with them if you don’t have an existing QD hole or sling swivel loop.

If your foregrip lacks a hole like this, you can still use something that attaches to it and adds a mounting point for a sling, like a M-LOK attached QD point. M-LOK is a pattern of holes on parts that support attachments using the M-LOK mounting system where the attachments have small screws with nuts that cam into place.

There are also attachments to let you use another type of sling with a QD mount.

If you are using a 2 point sling you will want a second attach point down near the stock. Some stocks are made with a QD sized hole in them, similar to the hole found in the foregrip.

Other firearms require you to add a mount and a common one is a plate that is installed right where the buffer tube meets the lower receiver on an AR-15 type rifle.

This plate doesn’t use the QD type attachment and is made for use with clips.

This happens to be pictured on an AR style pistol but the same plates are used on rifles and are right where the stock and buffer tube meets the lower receiver.

Manno Firearms carriers a wide variety of slings, M-LOK attachments, and other accessories for firearms. This also includes items that mount on Picatinny rails.

A sling, sling mount, sling adapter, or handguard with rail might just be something you should consider for your next firearm accessory purchase.

First time gun buyer? Welcome to the 2nd Amendment!

Regardless of your reason, it’s great that you have the right to own a firearm. That seems to be more important today than in recent times given all that’s going on. While there is great responsibility that comes with owning a firearm there is also a peace of mind that you can protect yourself, your family and your property. Until the police can get to you, you’re on your own and it’s best to put the odds in your favor. If you’ve completed your purchase and transfer, you also know that “not just anyone” can legally get a gun. You’ve experienced first hand the process, the paperwork, the background check. Please share that bit of information with those who think there are no safeguards to buying a legal firearm. Firearms ordered from websites don’t just show up on the buyer’s doorsteps across America.

With that said, as a first time gun owner you probably have a lot of questions and a lot to think about. We’re here to answer your questions so feel free to ask. In the next few paragraphs I’ll try to pass along some information that may answer some of them and/or lead to additional more personalized questions.

I have my firearm – What else do I need? Let’s start here…

Gun Case: To begin with you’ll want to make sure you have some kind of a case for your firearm. Most firearms come in a cardboard box and while you can certainly use that to transport your firearm to the range, you’ll quickly find out why that’s only a short term solution. At the very least it’s not convenient and it doesn’t protect your investment. You also don’t want to discard the box and carry the firearm openly as you walk in and out of the range, that’s just a bad idea for a lot of reasons and most ranges have a rule that prohibits this. You should get yourself a case.


Most are quite inexpensive so it comes down to preference. Some like hard cases, while some like soft, and others like cases where you can keep all of your accessories in the case with the firearm. These are all options available to you but let me give you a few things to consider. A case that ‘holds everything’ ensures you won’t forget anything when going to the range. However it also weighs more. If you’re like me, you’ll also end up getting more firearms and that means having to transfer your necessities from case to case depending on what you are taking to the range. So for me, I like a light, simple case to hold my firearm and then I have a separate ‘range bag’ with all of my accessories. Doing so gives me two rather light things to carry and I can simply grab the firearm I want to use along with the range bag and always know that I have everything I need for a day at the range.


Eye Protection: Don’t underestimate the importance of good eye protection. I’ll say right up front for those of you who wear prescription glasses, they DO NOT replace the need for shooters eye protection. It’s a requirement for the range and frankly it’s just good common sense to protect your eyes. While not common, it does happen that fragments, splinters or blowback gasses will eventually hit you from your gun or others at the range near you. It’s best to protect from accidents. Eye protection offers some additional benefits beyond this. For instance when shooting outdoors, eye protection with a yellow tint can significantly reduce glare. That’s just an example but it’s worth thinking about. If you wear prescription eyeglasses you may want to consider eye protection that goes over your glasses like goggles. If you don’t wear prescription eye glasses there are some nice wrap-around options that protect you from glare and debris not only from directly in front of you but also from the sides. Regardless of what you select, eye protection isn’t an option, it’s important.


Hearing Protection: Most people don’t realize how loud a gunshot is. They think it’s like a firework on the 4th of July but once you’re at the range you’ll quickly learn it’s much louder and sharper. Simply put, you need hearing protection and like eye protection, it’s a requirement at the range. Also like eye protection there are several options and styles to pick from. Some are designed to go over and around the ear, others go in the ear. In general I’ve found the ones that go over and around the ear provide the best protection and isolation. I use this style personally but will also note that you have to get used to them. In some cases they will be annoying when shooting rifles with scopes because you put your cheek on the cheek rest the headset will often also hit, but you quickly get used to that. As noted an option, not preferred by me are the ones that go in the ear. They are typically foam or silicone jell. You roll them between your fingers to compress them, insert them in your ear, and then they expand to block most of the ‘bang’. For me, I still find these don’t block enough noise but many people like them. You can find these where they come mounted on a headband, or individually provided in pairs. Some are reusable and others are disposable. For both styles they are rated in decibels (Db). The Db rating indicates their ability to block noise. Knowing this will help you understand the effectiveness of each style. Lastly there are additional options for the ‘over the ear’ ones. For instance electronic “active” ones that allow you to have conversations with others while keeping the hearing protection on, but when a shot is detected it will instantly block out the bang. These are quite nice and work well especially when at the range with friends. They also have ones with Bluetooth so you can take calls from your cell phone, listen to music, or maybe monitor a radio being used with others in your hunting party. In short you have options and now know a little more about what to look for when it comes to hearing protection.


Other accessories: So now we’ve covered the basics but there are a few other things you will probably want or need. For the range, you’ll want to have some targets and as simple as that sounds there are even options here. Of course you can get simple paper targets with various patterns on them and they work just fine, but you can also get some that are more highly reflective or show ‘hits’ more clearly. They do this by having an underlying bright color like yellow under the black target and when hit the yellow is exposed around the hole formed. This makes hits highly visible and at distances greater then 50 feet can be quite helpful.


When you come home from the range you’re going to have a smile on your face and a dirty firearm in your hands that needs to be cleaned. You’re going to need a cleaning kit. While there are many options, the good news here is you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Just make sure you get a kit that’s made for your caliber and style of firearm. To be clear, if you have a rifle//shotgun, make sure you get one that has a cleaning rod that’s long enough for your barrel. As to caliber, make sure you buy the one that matches your firearm. If you’re shooting 12Ga (twelve gauge), you’ll need 12Ga tips, brushes, etc. If you’re shooting 5.56, you’ll need the 5.56 tips, etc. Typically you can buy one kit with all the rods, etc. and then just buy whatever ‘tips’ you need to match your caliber. These are only a few dollars each. I’d recommend thinking about a kit that has an integrated stand as it does make cleaning easier and is a better option than putting the firearm on the table where it can scratch the table or the firearm. You’ll also need cleaning solvent and I recommend Hoppe’s 9, as well as a lubricant/protectant and for that I like Ballistol CLP (cleans, lubricates, preserves). The cleaning process is pretty simple. You use the brushes, then the solvents, and then the CLP. There are a ton of YouTube videos on cleaning so I won’t detail the process here, but you’ll need the supplies to do it. Lastly, a little goes a long way so don’t buy big bottles. A few ounces will last a year or more for the average shooter.


Storage: When you’re not at the range having fun, you need to think about where and how to store your firearm. Part of this requires you to think about how you are using it. If you’re just using it at the range or to hunt, then you can lock it up in a safe, a gun case, or something similar. If you’re using it for home defense then you need to think about both how to secure access to it from kids, thieves, and others but also how you can get at it in case of an emergency, and how quickly you can be ready to use it. This is where you have lots to think about and consider. One of the most secure ways to store your firearm is certainly in a safe but in an emergency situation you have to ask yourself how quickly can I get at it.

Likewise you have to decide do I keep it loaded? If I do keep it loaded do I keep “one in the chamber”? **By the way, if you decide to get a safe, you really need to think about getting it into place in your house. Quality safes can be several hundred pounds and some companies will only drop them to your curb. It may be on you to get it in the house, up the stairs and to the place where you want it. If you think you and a friend can carry a good safe up the stairs, you should think again. It can be back breaking and dangerous. There are certainly enough stories of them getting away from the person carrying them and damaging steps, floors and people.


Back to the matter at hand, all of these decisions have implications both good and bad. For instance to get to the firearm quickly you may opt to keep it by your bedside, but then it’s easy for kids to get at. You can put a lock on it, perhaps a trigger lock, but then you need to be able to quickly get the lock off in an emergency. Perhaps you leave it unlocked and just keep it unloaded with the ammunition in a separate and secure place. Then you need to practice getting it and safely loading it quickly. **By the way, for this I’d recommend buying “snap caps”. These are essentially fake ammunition that allow you to practice loading, unloading, firing all with imitation inert rounds that can’t hurt anyone. **.


As you can see, this all requires careful thought as the implications are big. Things that go ‘bump in the night’ can be jarring and scary! You should think about your state of mind, the fact that it will be dark and you don’t know if what’s making the sound is the family pet or a stranger. You need your mind clear, your actions known and practiced. A loaded firearm under the bed with one in the chamber is certainly ‘at the ready’ and at the same time an accident waiting to happen. So think long and hard, do your research, and most of all PRACTICE over and over with whatever you decide.

This article isn’t going to answer all of your questions and may raise some new ones for you, but hopefully it does answer some and get your pointed in the right direction. Do your homework, read other articles, watch some YouTube videos, and ask lots of questions. Being informed is key to being safe and protecting your firearm investment. Since you’re new at this, I’d recommend you consider taking some training. We offer an option on our website for a personalized session where you will be taken to a private room at the range, taught the basics of firearms safety, handling, range etiquette and use, and of course can ask all the questions you want. It’s highly recommended. Firearms require respect, knowledge, and practice. It’s not something you want to do by trial and error.

Safe shooting and welcome to the club. It’s fun and it just may save your life!

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Tragic shooting in Florida – Lets include some actual facts to the rhetoric for a change

Tragic.  Avoidable.  Sad. Upsetting.  There are a lot of words that come to mind when thinking about the awful shooting that left so many dead.   I’m sure the families of those impacted need time to process, think, and grieve.   Lets all be respectful and let that process happen before adding smoke to this situation, which can only serve to obscure the facts, delay real solutions and further hurt the families in their time of grief.

But when we do get to the rhetoric, I’d put a few facts and thoughts on the table for commentators to consider and news organizations to fact-check before putting pen to paper or words through lips.

– This isn’t about the device used.   Yes, it was a gun.  Would you feel better if this was done with a knife?  A Bomb?  An arsonist?  My point is, it’s not about the device used, it’s the person and ACTIONS the person took that matters.

– Focus on “AR15″… that will be uttered endless times.  As will “high power”, “automatic weapon”, “high capacity” and “military-style weapon”.    Consider the following:  All weapons are designed to kill and most, from pistol to shotgun to rifle and to “AR15” can cause the same carnage.   So focusing on the AR15, and even magically making every AR15 in the world disappear wouldn’t change a thing.   A person with bad intentions will just select another ‘device’, like a pistol.  Then what?  We’re back to banning all weapons right?

– Capacity is always talked about… but two facts must be clearly understood. It takes LESS THEN 3 SECONDS to insert a new “mag” into the weapon.  Here’s the important part… that’s TRUE regardless of it being an AR15, Pistol or most other weapons.   So when you hear rhetoric about ‘limiting capacity’ understand thats NOT going to change the outcome of a mass shooting.  It is the RARE exception that someone actually rushes the shooter to stop them.  In 95+ percent of the cases it’s another person with a weapon that STOPS the criminal with the weapon.  Capacity, AR15, and high power discussions are all irrelevant.  Criminals IGNORE THE LAW.

– The question “was the gun bought legally” will be asked 100x a day.   As an FFL I can tell you there are “good common sense” gates in place that have to be all properly gone through before any weapon can be sold.  FFL’s are actively inspected, accurate documentation maintained and available for spot inspections, tracking, FBI background checks AT THE TIME OF TRANSFER, and may other ‘common sense’ things.   So if you want to talk about how criminals get guns, the answer is they get them illegally.  Period.  And if they got them legally, it’s because at the time of purchase they weren’t criminals, or involved in domestic disputes, and a long list of other things that are checked.   So appropriate checks are in place when buying through licensed dealers and FFL’s.  So don’t generalize when you argue the point of “anyone can get a gun anywhere”.  Thats simply NOT the case.

– Criminals IGNORE THE LAW.  Let me say that again.  Criminals IGNORE THE LAW.  If I take my legally owned car, with my valid license and drive into a crowd intentionally – I’d be a criminal.  And no one in the media would say “When are we going to ban these cars!” or “These cars are just too high powered” or “that car had military style tires”.  All would be ridiculous arguments.  In a tragic situation like Florida, it’s just as ridiculous to say “when are we going to get common sense gun laws”.  It would be more appropriate to ask “when are we going to get good enforced penalties for law breakers”?

I’m for background checks.  We do that today.  I’m for crazy people NOT having access to any weapon.  I’m for strong penalties for anyone using any device illegally.  What I’m not for are laws that intend to disarm law abiding citizens.  If you know history, you know the 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting.  So when you hear “why does someone need an AR15 to hunt deer?” you should say “The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting – Don’t FOG the issue with false information”.

Turn on the news… and already it’s endless rhetoric, endless false facts, and so the fight begins.  It would be good this time if the focus was Personal Responsibility.  Blame the criminal.  Punish the criminal.  We’re all for that.  But for goodness sake don’t punish law abiding citizens by making this about gun control.

Want proof that the media and state governments are ill informed?  Read about the New York SAFE act… Do you know the difference between a “NY compliant rifle and a non-compliant one”?   You might be surprised to know the difference has to do more with looks than function.  The ‘grip’ can’t “conspicuously protrude”, you can’t have a bayonet lug, you can’t have a stock that adjusts to length (which makes shooting safer)….  but you’ll notice that nothing about the SAFE Act makes the gun “safe”.   Some will point to the fact that NY limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds – but I’ll remind you that criminals IGNORE THE LAW so again… tell me how that makes it SAFE?   So when you hear the politicians talk about “Common sense gun laws” and you see things like the NY SAFE ACT you realize two things.  First, they don’t know about guns thus they don’t know how to make common sense laws.  Second, all the laws in the world don’t stop criminals from being criminal.  So if you’re going to join the conversation, at least know some basic facts about guns and the unintended consequences of having the wrong conversation.

My 2 cents…

Thinking about a Cerakote treatment for your firearm?

M&P Shield 9MM Cerakote Stars & Stripes

M&P Shield 9MM Cerakote Stars & Stripes

If you’ve been thinking about customizing your firearm, Cerakote is something worth looking into.  I recently had one of my M&P Shield’s done and thought I’d share my experience with you.

First, if you’re not familiar with Cerakote is one of several options for ‘painting’ a firearm and the internet can provide you with endless details on all the options.  For me, I did lots of reading and decided Cerakote was the best option.  Why?  It seems to have all the things I wanted… abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength and hardness.  All things that contribute to a long lasting, reliable firearm.

Cerakote is a polymer-ceramic coating that can be applied to metal, plastic, polymers and wood making it a great option for firearms.   It’s applied using a very specific process and results in an ultra-thin finish that won’t change typical tolerances meaning your firearm will reassemble and function perfectly!  While the process isn’t complicated, a first time do-it-yourselfer is better off having it done for them by a certified Cerakote Applicator.   In fact, that’s what I did… I worked with a professional… Tom’s Custom Coatings. (tomscustomguns.com)

The whole thing was actually quite simple and started off with completion of a simple form on their website describing what I wanted done.  I provided information about the firearm, uploaded an image and a few words about the 2nd Amendment ‘badge’, the stars & stripes pattern I wanted and submitted.  The next day I received a call from Tracey at Toms Custom Guns, and we chatted about my project.   Tracey’s goal was to ensure success right from the start and that included a real understanding about the look I wanted, positioning of the image and color.   From there, Tom took the next few days to fully disassemble the firearm, prepare it, and complete the Cerakote process.  He sent me pictures of the completed firearm and called to talk through the end result making sure I was happy…. which I am!  Very happy.  They did a great job on both quality of the work AND the customer service.

This was my first Cerakote experience but I can tell you it won’t be my last.  I’m in the process of selecting a design scheme for an AR-15 to feature on MannoFirearms.com.  I’m thinking about a complete and custom package… AR-15, Optic, Light and Bi-pod all in matching Cerakote.   Visit MannoFirearms.com, perhaps when it’s done you’ll be the lucky buyer!

So if you’re thinking about customizing your firearm consider Cerakote from Tom’s Custom Guns.  Take a look at Tom’s website and if you decide to use his service, please let him know you’re a customer of Manno Firearms.  I’m sure he and Tracey will do a great job for you too!



Gun control for me, but not for Congress. I don’t think so!

Shooting at ballpark

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve watched and read about the shooting  of Republicans at the ballpark.  Of course the first reaction is “that’s terrible” and perhaps “thankfully there was armed security there to prevent further carnage”.    That’s what I thought too.

Most of us also knew this would ignite a (false) gun control conversation and sure enough, that’s what is happening now.  What interests me however is the commentary that suggests “shouldn’t Congress be allowed to carry a firearm to protect themselves?”   Well… of course they should.  JUST AS WE SHOULD!

Lets remember, they are us, and we are them.  All equals.  We all deserve to defend ourselves by possessing and carrying a firearm,  should we choose to.  By the way, while this incident may raise the discussion the decision has already been made… it’s called the Second Amendment.  How about those resisting it finally get onboard!

So if you’re going to join the conversation about gun control, lets remember our RIGHTS are non-negotiable and it’s a PERSON with a gun that STOPS a NUT with any weapon!

Manno Firearms supports the requirement for background checks to possess a firearm.   If you are LEGALLY allowed to own a weapon we believe you should be LEGALLY ALLOWED to carry that weapon – Period.

I’d bet those hiding in the dugout at the ballpark were thinking the same thing, even if some may be afraid to admit it.


June 2017 – Daniel Defense Safety Notification

Have you recently purchased a Daniel Defense Firearm?  If the answer is yes, you’ll want to continue reading this post!

Even the best manufacturers occasionally have an issue with the manufacturing process.  When that happens, the best companies step forward to make things right, and in this case, make things SAFE.

Daniel Defense, a reliable manufacturer of quality firearms has just announced a Safety Notification related to their Disconnector in the Fire Control Group.  The notification applies to some firearms manufactured between April 1, 2016 and March 3, 2017.    A few cases of a double fire condition have been reported and as you would expect from Daniel Defense, they are quick to help dealers and customers address the issue.

To check if your firearm is affected by this Safety Notification, visit www.DanielDefense.com/Safety and follow the instructions.  It takes about 30 seconds to enter the firearm serial number and the system will immediately identify if the firearm is potentially affected by the issue.   If the firearm is identified as affected STOP USING THE FIREARM, REMOVE THE MAGAZINE, CLEAR THE FIREARM and follow the return instructions provided on the Daniel Defense website.

Manno Firearms, a New York based FFL appreciates manufacturers like Daniel Defense for standing behind their products and keeping customers safe.  We followed the process outlined by Daniel Defense and found it to be simple and quick.  As a result we can continue to serve our customers by selling safe and reliable firearms by Daniel Defense.


SCOTUS Peruta v. California update expected Monday

Does the name “Peruta” ring a bell?  It’s the surname of a man who has had a case in the court system for years concerning his inability to be issued a concealed carry permit in San Diego, California.

Mr Peruta is a journalist who at the time this story begins, was living in California and due to the nature of his work and using expensive tools for his job applied for a concealed carry permit in the county of his residence which was San Diego then, as allowed by California state law.

It was denied as are all most all applications in that locale.  The local Sheriff is under no obligation to issue a permit, and the state law does not require a permit to be issued if there are no disqualifying conditions.  At the time of this initial denial, open carry was allowed in some circumstances in California (that has since been changed and is no longer the case) and that was part of the justification for the law as written, saying that there was no total ban on carrying at the time.  Today depending on the whim of the Sheriff processing your application, there may be no chance of gaining state permission to exercise your right to bear arms while outside your home.  This has created the process of “Sheriff shopping” in California where residents submit their applications in counties where the Sheriff is more likely to approve.  Mr Peruta thinks this should not be required.

Mr Peruta filed suit and his case has moved upward through the court system, including reaching a state level where it was changed from Peruta v. San Diego to Peruta v. California  There was a victory at the state level which was later reversed.  The current status is the last decision has been appealed to the Supreme Court and we are waiting to hear whether or not SCOTUS will hear the case.

We expect orders from the justices’ June 1 conference on Monday at 9:30 a.m. There is also a possibility of opinions on Monday at 10 a.m.

This case could affect other states whose laws aren’t based on a “shall issue” but instead on a “may issue” clause for local authorities.

You can follow the status of this important case affecting gun owners rights at http://www.scotusblog.com/case-files/cases/peruta-v-california/


Webmaster, Manno Firearms