A Very Nice Hellcat Holster by “Busted B Leathers”

While I’m definitely a big-time Sig Sauer fan and have just about every one of their pistols, I’ve recently found myself also becoming fond of my Springfield Hellcat. No, I don’t see myself buying more Springfields, but this Hellcat is just super nice for carry purposes. However a nice firearm requires a nice holster or it’s just miserable to carry. that’s where Busted B Leathers (BustedBleathers.com) comes in.

At this point I have probably five or six different holsters for the Hellcat. One or two are just poor quality, one looks great but won’t release the firearm without a struggle, another just doesn’t look very nice. I was getting a bit frustrated and frankly annoyed at all the money I wasted on less-than-stellar holsters for the Hellcat. In fact, I was at the point of just tucking it under my belt and sticking the tip of the muzzle in the coin pocket of my jeans as a better alternative to any of the holsters. That is until now.

That’s where BustedBLeathers comes in. Sitting on my couch, watching a rerun of Hogans Hero’s, I was surfing to see if anything new caught my eye to solve the holster issue. Hummm, what’s this? I see what appears to be a pretty nice looking leather holster, a paddle in fact which is my personal preference. I stare at it for a while, zooming in, and thinking “well, it’s not cheap, but it looks quite nice… and it’s leather”. Let me sleep on this.

Before long, I found myself back in my office playing with my array of bad holsters and thinking “these are all crap. I need to give this BustedB leather holster a shot”. So I did. The order was placed, and about 10 days later the box arrived. Let me cut to the chase… I’m VERY happy I ‘pulled the trigger’ on this one!

The holster is well made, clearly there is fine craftsmanship here. Clean leather, consistent stitching, exceptionally well formed to the Hellcat and unbelievably comfortable to wear. The Hellcat is held firm yet slips in cleanly. More importantly it can be drawn from the holster with a gentle but firm pull. The holster features a red dot cutout and is well formed to accommodate it. Besides being 100% functional, it simply looks great. I love the look of leather and the soft feel is good for me and the firearm.

Net net… I’d recommend this holster for the Hellcat. If all of the BustedBLeather items are of this high quality (which I have no reason to doubt they are) then I think you’ll be happy as well if you select them for your holster needs. *Note – I paid full retail for this holster out of my own pocket… so this isn’t a paid endorsement. As their business card says, “Cool shit ain’t cheap and cheap shit ain’t cool”. Frankly, this isn’t cheap but it’s not expensive either given the value. And it’s certainly cool! Take a look for yourself. Here are a few pictures.

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