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NOTE – PLEASE DO NOT SHIP US LOWER RECEIVERS. We will not accept them for transfer.

**NOTE – We are NOT a store-front business. We are an ONLINE provider of long gun’s and accessories for firearms, hunting and sport shooting.

*Note – Know your local laws. Some states or cities prohibit certain firearms, firearm accessories, and knives. Be informed and know your local laws before you buy. Stay safe, stay legal!..

New York Buyer’s – READ THIS! If you are unfamiliar with the NY SAFE Act, I strongly recommend you read about it.   NY prohibits ‘assault rifles’.     Here is some of the verbiage from the NY SAFE Act:   An ”assault rile“ is any semi-automatic rifle with a removable magazine and any 1 (or more) of the following features: – Flash Hider/Brake/Compensator – Threaded Barrel – Folding or telescoping stock – Pistol grip – Thumbhole stock – 2nd Grip – Bayonet and or bayonet mount   We will NOT transfer any firearm that is not in compliance with the NY SAFE Act. 

While we sell all over the country, for NY sales, we only transfer or sell complete, NY compliant rifles, shotguns and accessories. We recommend checking with us BEFORE shipping us any items so we can verify its transferable. If we receive non transferable items, you will need to cover the shipping costs to have the item sent back to the seller in advance of the item being shipped. This includes stripped and complete lower receivers.

You’ll find many of our accessories are competitively priced and our On-Sale items are discounted significantly. Take a look, you may find exactly what you’re looking for!

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If you’re hot on the hunt for a firearm you may be finding that they are harder to get these days. Things are sold out everywhere. However, we’ve been doing our best to bring you some nice items and while they are above our normal retail price, that’s only because we had to pay more for them. You’ll find however these are still substantially lower priced then what you would find on many other sites including the auction-type sellers.

NOTE – Some items on the site are not NY compliant and CAN NOT be sold in NY. If you are unsure, please call before ordering.

To see our complete inventory, use the SHOP button in the TOP MENU. We have hundreds of other firearms and thousands of accessories in the warehouse!

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Welcome to the Manno Firearms website.

We’re here to help you make an informed buying decision and to make your firearm and accessory purchase simple, safe and quick.  We’ll order what you need at competitive prices while offering fast access to some great riffles and shotguns in our stock.

Our catalogue gives you access to a wide range of firearms and accessories.  We can drop ship you most items however firearms and serialized firearm parts must ship through an FLF/Dealer of your choice.    We will work with whatever FFL/Dealer you select and make the process easy.  

Our online storefront is now available 24 x 7!  

All in stock items are ready for shipment to you if not a firearm, or to an FFL specified during checkout for firearms from our warehouse.

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*Note, we’re not a storefront.
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No pistol or revolver sales or transfers

No sales or transfers of ammunition. 

*Note – Know your local laws.  Some states or cities prohibit certain firearms, firearm accessories, and knives.  Be informed and know your local laws before you buy.  Stay safe, stay legal!